ENG. A round-up of some recent Houdini articles published in 3D World Magazine, including: a beginner pyro tutorial, an interview with Entagma’s Moritz Schwind, 15 Houdini tips, a tutorial on simulating a flamethrower, how Germany’s RISE | Visual Effects Studios uses Houdini’s procedural workflows on blockbuster films, and more!

ITA. Un riepilogo di alcuni recenti aricoli pubblicati su 3D World magazine: pyro tutorial for beginner, un’intervista a Entagma’s Moritz Schwind, 15 Houdini tips, un tutorial per simulare un lanciafiamme, e come la tedesca RISE | Visual Effects Studios usa Houdini nel suo workflow con film blockbuster.

Link: Get Procedural with Houdini