ENG. Blender Guru interviews Ton Roosendaal the creator of Blender and the current president of the Blender Foundation.
In two hours of interview Tom talks how Blender got started as an open source project different from the others, the delay of Blender’s game engine, the Autodesk policies and of Pixar’s purchase by Disney but also of his “Money does not interest me “.

ITA. Blender Guru intervista Ton Roosendaal il creatore di Blender e l’attuale presidente della Blender Foundation.
In due ore di intervista Tom parla della nascita di Blender come progetto open source diverso dagli altri, del ritardo di Blender’s game engine, delle politiche Autodesk e dell’acqusito di Pixar da parte di Disney ma anche del suo “Money doesn’t interest me”.

Link: “Money doesn’t interest me” – Creator of Blender talks about its future