ENG. LuxRender one of the most famous Open Source render engines has arrived at version 2.0 and becomes LuxCoreRenderer.
The name change is explained by the many new features introduced as the new Core engine, resumable renders, light area with variable direction, support for OpenCL hybrid rendering.

For the moment, unlike its predecessor, LuxCoreRenderer only supports Blender 2.79b.

ITA. LuxRender uno dei più famosi motori di render Open Source è arrivato alla versione 2.0 e diventa LuxCoreRenderer.
Il cambio di nome si spiega con le molte novità introdotte come il nuovo Core engine, resumable renders, area light con variable direction, supporto per OpenCL hybrid rendering.

Per il momento, a differenza del predecessore, LuxCoreRenderer supporta solo Blender 2.79b.

Link: luxcorerender.org
Link: LuxCoreRenderer 2.0 release notes