The Foundry has announced the availability of the first MODO 12 installation. More videos pubblished on Youtube show the new feauters:

  • – glTF 2.0 Export to Facebook: Developed in conjunction with Facebook’s new ‘3D Posts’ functionality, artists can now create 3D objects in Modo and then share them on the Facebook News Feed.
  • Mesh Paint Refinements. Modo’s Mesh Paint tool has been brought up-to-date and enhanced, allowing you to quickly bash out models and environments faster than ever before
  • MeshFusion Surface Strips. MeshFusion is significantly enhanced with Surface Strips, an innovative new feature that works by allowing the creation of strip geometry or topology that lies flush on any Fusion Item surface.
  • The Jitter tool has new options to randomize the position, scale and rotation of connected geometry within a single Item.
  • New Procedural Mesh Operations.
  • Cloud Assets and Foundry Share Site
  • UV Tools and Workflow Refinements
  • The Hatchet Collection. Modo 12.0 comes with a selection of python scripts from the popular Hatchet Collection, enhancing core functionality in Modo and making asset creation even more efficient.
  • Rendering and Shading Improvements. Providing a much more flexible way of rendering specific frames, a new frame range channel has been added that controls which frames are to be rendered during animation rendering.
ITA. The foundry ha annunciato la disponibilità della prima delle 3 installazioni di Modo 12. Diversi video pubblicati su Youtube illustrano le nuove funzioni:

  • glTF 2.0 Export to facebook. Sviluppato in collaborazione con Facebook, gli utenti possono create oggetti 3d in Modo ed esportarli in formato glTF 2.0 per la pubblicazione in Facebook.
  • Mesh Paint Refinements, con la possibilità adesso di dipingere asset in modo random.
  • Migliorato Mesh Fusion con Surface Strips
  • Jitter tool da la possibilità di modificare in random la posizione, la scala e la rotazione dei singoli vertici.
  • New procedural Mesh.
  • Cloud Assests and Foundry Share Site.
  • UV Tools and Workflow Refinements
  • The Hatchet Collection. Modo 12 sarà distributito con una collezione di Python script che ne incrementano l’efficienza.
  • Rendering and Shading migliorato con la gestione di glTF Material Shader.

Link: Modo 12 Release